The Far Traveler

Voyages of a Viking Woman

Nancy Marie Brown

306 Blz., ISBN 978-0-15-603397-8     
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, 2007     

Five hundred years before Columbus, a Viking woman named Gudrid sailed off the edge of the known world. She landed in the New World and lived there for three years, giving birth to a baby before sailing home. Or so the Icelandic sagas say. Even after archaeologists found a Viking longhouse in Newfoundland, no one believed that the details of Gudrid´s story were true.
Then, in 2001, a team of scientists discovered what may have been this pioneering woman´s last house, buried under a hay field in Iceland, just where the sagas suggested it could be.
Joining scientists experimenting with cutting-edge technology and the latest archaeological techniques, and tracing Gudrid´s steps on land and in the sagas, Nancy Marie Brown reconstructs a life that spanned -and expanded- the bounds of the then-known world. She also sheds new light on the society that gave rise to a woman even more extraordinary than legend has painted her and illuminates the reasons for its collapse.

"Brown pursues Gudrid out of admiration for a woman bold and wise. I eagerly pursued this book, which is as much about Brown´s adventures as Gudrid´s, for the very same reasons."
- The New York Times Book Review

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